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In the specific field we are operating in, we strive and aim to; 

make our contribution on behalf of the progress in our profession and the techniques applied in it both on national and international level pursuant to our principles in agreement with ethic values,

pursue the developments in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery, keep in contact and communicate with all the interested parties operating and to operate in this field, set standards in this specific area that achieve the highest quality in our country, 

cooperate with the related institutions in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery all over the world to reach the highest standards so far as professional knowledge and know-how are concerned.


Our vision is to provide all the information, documents and publications required, establish a documentation centre, 

publish newspapers, periodicals and books to make our works and efforts in vascular and endovascular surgery known to public, bring out professional and informing bulletins for the related stakeholders,

provide opportunities for our doctors to be trained abroad so that innovative applications in vascular and endovascular surgery in the world could also be implemented in our country, invite expert doctors in this field of surgery from abroad for information interchange with their counterparts in our country,

organise conferences, congresses and special events with the participation of the related parties from home and abroad so as to provide information share on the path of scientific progress,

bring forward proposals for changes in the rules and regulations concerning medical applications and cooperate in this sense with the Ministry of Health, Higher Education Board (YÖK), Turkish Doctors' Union and other public institutions,

take part in the projects and activities executed under the tutelage of Turkish Doctors' Union with regard to the accession to the European Union in an effort to make its contribution in this sense, represent the professional field in which it is operating and carry out activities in this field,

participate in and make contributions to the activities and projects of the Experts Association Coordination Board operating under Turkish Doctors' Union regarding the European Union, fulfil its responsibilities in this sense,

deliver opinions with regard to the decisions to be taken by the Ministry of Health with regard to our experts or expert candidates, 

bring forward alternative solutions,                                                   

organise courses, seminars, conferences and panels to provide scientific training opportunities for doctors, nurses and other assisting healthcare personnel in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery,

support the projects in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery and carry out international activities in this sense, 

affiliate to institutions operating in the same field abroad, collaborate with such institutions subject to the conditions set by the related laws,

provide the required financial sources for the scientific activities at home and meet the expenses in this sense,

fulfil the obligations in terms of union activities at home and abroad,

organise activities and scientific events such as luncheons and dinners, seminars, courses, panel discussions, conferences to promote and maintain relations between members,

carry out joint projects with public institutions and associations in the field it is operating in,

establish business and industrial enterprises, foundations, federations in order to generate the necessary income to carry out its activities at home and abroad or be incorporated to a federation with similar purpose, 

get involved in activities regarding public health,

participate in projects carried through in terms of public health, play a pioneering role in such projects, meet the expenses therein,

meet the expenses in social projects based on scientific purpose, meet all the essential expenses of persons employed in these projects, 

authorise fully the Administrative Boards so that such projects and activities could be carried through.